Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Post!!

           Yay!! My first blogpost! As you know from my bio (if I figured out how to write it yet), this is a blog with bits and pieces, crafty, thoughtful, and sometimes random, things from my life (hence the title "Sammy's Notions"). I think I'll start this off with a re-decorating project I have recently worked on. Enjoy, and I hope you'll visit often!

 I started out with a plain, yellow, cardboard shelf (the kind they throw out at retail stores). I am absolutely in love with blue and white chevron, so imagine my delight when I found duct tape in that exact pattern! And it was a dollar per roll!! 

I started taping at the top side working my way down, and tucking the extra tape on the sides. Then, I worked on the back in the same way. After that, there was just enough tape to cover a small portion of a few shelves, and I pretty much had to stop there... (guess it's back to the dollar store!). 

This shelf is really handy for things I don't have room for elsewhere, things I need to remember to take, etc. etc. when you're a crafter, the possibilities are endless!

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