Thursday, February 5, 2015

Crafting/Etsy/Friendly Friends

Valentine's Day Card

I am very excited today, because I have had my FIRST sale on my family-owned Etsy shop!! First of all, Etsy is a really cool place where you can find really cool things. Second, Etsy is a really neat place where you can SELL really neat things!! So, you can buy cool stuff, and sell it! How awesome is that??
Jesus in manger Christmas card 2
For our shop, I mainly make cards: Christmas cards, Valentine's Day cards, birthday cards... And my sister makes prints (she has some really cool ones!).

One great thing about making cards is that I happen to have a really creative/crafty/awesome-at-card-making friend who is very inspiring (in more ways than one!). You could look at one of her cards and BAM! instant ideas flow through your mind (maybe not quite like that, but you know what I mean!).

Birds of a Feather Photo PrintCrafting is also a great thing to do with friends. You can make crafts to sell, for fun, to give away, OR what's really fun is sending a card to a random, unknown person in your neighborhood! (Just don't actually put your address, because you may accidentally send it to a creeper....).

So, if you ever need a card for any occasion, or would just like to look around, feel free to stop by my shop: CraftyCollaborations.

 Have a fantastic day!

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