Monday, August 24, 2015

Final Summer Vacation Trip!!!

One of my favorite places: Turkey Run State Park!! Okay, so I've only been there twice. It's still one of my favorite places. Maybe top ten. :) Can you see why??

This was my sister Sara's and my final vacation outing. My other sister didn't really want to come, and my oldest sister lives around 20 hours away, so it was just the two of us. 

There are several environments in the park: woody, wet, cliffy, and canyon-y. I like to call it the Grand Canyon of Indiana. :)

Even though I am afraid of heights, there was little fear climbing up these ladders! Adventure waits for no one and for no fear!

This area is the best!!!! You actually walk through/over that little stream in the above picture. Or you can climb the steps embedded in the canyon wall, walk on a ledge, and climb more steps down. If you ever plan on going here, trails 3 and 4 are a definite must!!

Around the time we reached the bright red, covered bridge, we were sore, tired, and slightly worried because of an incident involving a snake. And I may have been slightly muddy because of an incident involving mud. :)

Unfortunately, we weren't at the end of our adventure. Somewhere among the trails, we got lost, ending up on something called "Bridle Trail". Let's just say it wasn't labeled on the map and there were lots of hoof prints and horse cookies. :) We walked and walked until we found the horse stable thing which, thankfully, was on the map. A long walk across field and parking lot, and there was the van. HALLELUJAH! Then we got the brilliant idea to look for a vending machine I thought I had noticed earlier... :)

 Moral of this story: Spend time with your family. It's a great thing to do (even if you tend to get a little impatient with them). There's nothing like the bond of brotherly (or sisterly!) love. And there's nothing quite like adventure... :)


  1. Such a beautiful spot! And this time it was my fault we got lost.;)

  2. :D True, though I may have had a little blame somehow.