Saturday, April 11, 2015

Organization Tips!

Every so often I get into this crazy "go through your room, get rid of lots of stuff, and find different ways to arrange things" kick. My closet took a hit, especially when I realized that I should start getting clothing I really liked instead of buying it because it fits. Anyway, I've found some neat ways to organize scarves, and shoes.

1. Shoes.

My shoes were originally thrown in one of those pop-up hampers, until I looked up cheap shoe organization and got this idea. A great storage solution for shoes is.... shoeboxes!! Pretty cool, huh? Just wrap them up with pretty wrapping paper and- voila! Instant awesomeness!

2. Scarves.

For scarf organization, I have this nifty little owl hanger I got one Christmas from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. This isn't a DIY thing, but it's still pretty cool! It has 10 or 12-ish rings for your scarves, so if you have a large scarf collection this might not be the thing for you.

For more awesome organization, check out Pinterest!

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