Monday, July 27, 2015

Clothing Dilemmas, Revival, and Piano

 Well, folks, it's vacation time again. You know what that means- packing!! And that also means coming up with a week's worth of outfits. If you're like me, then you want to cry in a corner, because you remember that most of what you will wear is the same as what you wore on last year's trip. And people will think that you are too poor to afford more than those 7 outfits. But wait- could it be that there is hope for us?  That there is a way to make old outfits look new?  


Did you hear that?


Could adding different accessories really help? YES!

I've been looking at other blogs and they say that belts, scarves, shoes, and purses can change a plain or an I've-already-worn-this-one-thousand-times outfit into something different! And sometimes it's okay to try new combos or ways of wearing things. Try tucking in a shirt, tying a scarf or belt differently, pairing patterns, or putting dressy and casual items together. It's amazing what combinations work!

This last week has been VERY busy! VBS in the morning, calling in the afternoon, then revival at night. We had some incredible preaching, though. The first couple of nights were definitely high-energy.
Yesterday, I was inspired by a very good pianist who came to my church. I'm a pianist, but not a very good one. Note to everyone: If you have hands, you should learn the piano! It's not too hard to play, once you learn the basics. I know some people who have this regret: that they 1) never learned or 2) never practiced.

Well, my brain is giving me a hard time- I can't seem to motivate myself to post regularly! After my trip, I should have TONS of photos and maybe some stories, so stay tuned!

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